Cloud Interview allows you to conduct video interviews for recruiting, promotion, testimonials, exit interviews, or just about anything that you need a little face time on, but don't have scheduled time to complete.


The three primary challenges that executives have continuously come to us for assistance with are...

  1. How do I find the best people for my company?  The best people are often already employed.  By having a way of interviewing people on their own schedule, you create opportunity for people who would be a fantastic fit with your organization.
  2. How do I manage the schedules of my executives, so that they all participate in the interview process?  By allowing your team to evaluate candidates on their own schedule, any time day or night, you open up the possibility for greater participation by your team.
  3. How do I make the interview process more objective?  By utilizing our numeric rating system for each candidate response, every evaluator has an equal voice.  You eliminate the over-bearing evaluator challenge.  The system will rank order the candidates based on the ratings.  This makes the process much more objective!

It is our objective to be a force for change in the video interviewing market.  We believe that our systems and technology can streamline the way in which companies find, interview, and hire top performers for their organizations.

  • Why = Create positive change in the interviewing and hiring process.
  • How = Coordinating the logistics of interviewing through intuitive and fluid on-demand video interviews.
  • What = Provide top quality video interviewing that...
    • allows organizations to record their own questions or choose from a database of questions
    • allows candidates to interview on their own schedule
    • allows evaluators/collaborators to review on their own schedule
    • creates objectivity in the process by giving each evaluator a chance to rate responses numerically
    • provides a systematic process for asking follow up questions
    • rank orders the candidates based on the input from the collaborators
Abilene Chamber of Commerce
Vanguard Resources
Johnston Asset Management
Northwest Texas Healthcare System